Many small businesses don’t have a dedicated IT service provider. Sure, a telco giant provides their internet and telephony needs, but real customer service and genuinely helpful advice? No.

Trust Panda wants to help the numerous small businesses out there who are effectively excluded from better pricing simply because they don’t need the many restrictions that are part and parcel of a locked-in service contract. Sometimes all you want is a great price on all you need for your business to operate at its best, right? We get that.

If you’re interested in securing larger volumes and volume pricing, then hit us up with your request. We’re happy to come to the party regarding your service needs without any high-pressure tactics and certainly no lock-in contract.

We know the Trust Panda approach is very different, but we believe we’re on the right track. We’d be delighted to welcome you as our customer and do all we can to look after you. And there’s no need to feel you’ll ever outgrow us because as your business expands, we’ll make sure you’re connected with the right people who’ll look after you just as well as we did.

Trust Panda. Suddenly IT for small businesses just got a whole lot easier.